Course Adjustment

My original concept for Your Family Geek was to translate my knowledge of  all things geeky into something useful to anyone. I even had a pipe-dream that enough people would want what I was writing that I could make a few bucks off of the blog. Writing has been a good creative outlet for me, but I’ve also spent quite a bit of energy trying to come up with posts that people may find useful, like technology tips and such. While I don’t want to get too caught up in numbers, based on the stats, not too many people are reading those posts. Heck, not too many people are reading any of the posts!

With that in mind, I was considering pulling the plug on the blog and allowing it to become another stagnant puddle of information sitting on WordPress like so many other blogs. But instead of
abandoning ship, I’m just going to change course a bit. I’m going to write what I feel like writing, it’s not like anyone will notice. 😉

I’m not sure what that course will look like, probably a jumbled mess but it will be my jumbled mess.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Adam for the advice.


About Todd E. Grady

I'm a dad, husband, IT guy and geek of all trades.

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