AnyTAG NFC Launcher

A few weeks back I wrote a post explaining how I’ve been using NFC Tags to automate tasks on my Android phone. A new app, AnyTAG NFC Launcher, takes a different approach accomplish the same end.

NFC Task Launcher from TagStand writes tasks to blank tags. Anyone with an NFC equipped Android phone and the app can tap that tag, read the information and perform the tasks. AnyTAG NFC Launcher doesn’t write anything to the tag, in fact, it can use anything that has an NFC tag in it. Every NFC tag has a unique ID programmed into it that can’t be changed, AnyTAG reads that ID and uses it as a trigger to perform predetermined tasks.

Think about it this way. TagStand’s app is like writing out a list of instructions on a piece of paper and posting it somewhere. Anyone can walk up and follow the instructions. AnyTag NFC Launcher looks at the list as a whole but doesn’t care what’s written on it. After identifying the list it follows its own list of instructions that were written separately.

The advantage of this approach is that you can use anything with an embedded NFC tag as a trigger. Things like door access cards, some credit cards, transit passes and lots of other things contain tags. I was able to program it to perform the following functions when I tap my phone to the access badge I use for my office.

Nothing happens to my badge in the process, it’s simply a trigger. The badge contains an NFC chip that can’t be written to, but is normally read by a pad placed by the doors in my office to allow access to the building.

The downside of this approach is that the instructions are stored only on my phone. I can set up complex sets of tasks but only my phone will execute them on the swipe. Someone else could use the same tag as a trigger, but it would require them to set up their own task list in their phone.

I’m excited about the possible uses for Near Field Communications. I’ll continue to play with new devices and applications as they come out and pass the information on.


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