Geek Tip – Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

When I’m using a computer, I like to get things done quickly and efficiently. If my hands are on the keyboard, I don’t want to move one to the mouse if I don’t have to. Luckily there’s some great keyboard shortcuts you can use to make life easier.

  • ALT+TAB = Switches between running programs.
  • CTRL+TAB = Switches between tabs within a program.
  • ALT+F4 = Closes the program you’re in.
  • CTRL+F4 = Closes the current window but not necessarily the program.
  • F1 = Launches Help! It’s generally contextual, you get help for the program and window that you’re in.
  • CTRL+c = Copy
  • CTRL+v = Paste
  • CTRL+x = Cut
  • CTRL+b = Bold
  • CTRL+u = Underline
  • CTRL+i = Italics

A Control key (marked "Ctrl") on a m...

Many of the shortcuts use the “Windows” key in combination with other keys. That’s the key near your space bar with the flag on it.

  • Windows Key by itself = Opens the Start Menu. Alternate=ctrl+esc.
  • Windows Key + e = Opens Windows Explorer.
  • Windows Key + l = Locks your computer. Alter.nate=ctrl+alt+del, click Lock.
  • Windows Key + f = Opens the Find dialog.
  • Windows Key + d = Minimizes all of your windows and displays the desktop.
  • Windows Key + r = Opens the Run dialog box where you can do things geekily, like type Winword instead of clicking on the Microsoft Word icon.

That’s just a few that I use on a regular basis. Check out this Microsoft Knowledgebase article for a more comprehensive list.

Most programs also have their own keyboard shortcuts. You can usually find them by hitting F1!


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I'm a dad, husband, IT guy and geek of all trades.

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