Better searches.

Before search engines came along, finding information on the Internet was a hit or miss proposition. You had to rely on links off of existing sites, references from friends or just blind luck to find relevant information on any particular subject. Early search engines like Archie (accompanied by… wait for it… Veronica and Jughead) came along to search specific networks and were followed by web search engines such as Lycos, Alta-Vista and eventually Yahoo!, Google and others. Search engines have become such an integral part of our lives, that the word Google is now considered to be an acceptable part of speech, both as a name and a verb.

Sometimes, however, even searching for information can be a challenge. A bad search can return disappointing results, sometimes not enough information, sometimes way too much! Luckily, there’s some easy ways to get better results. Here’s a few tricks that work on Google, your mileage may vary on other search engines.

  • Vary the amount of words in your search, take a few out if you don’t get enough hits, add a few to make your search more specific.
    • Star Wars Original Trilogy is more likely to give you results for the good movies, where just Star Wars may have a few (3) undesirable results.
  • Use operators like a minus sign (-).
    • Star Wars -Prequels may work just as well as the above example. Add -3D to make it even better.
  • Use quotes.
    • “Star Wars Original Trilogy” will search for the exact phrase inside the quotes.
  • Put them together.
    • “Star Wars” -“Jar Jar Binks” could be the search you’re looking for.

These are just a few examples, there’s many more if you’re willing to experiment a little. Check out these links for some great tips.

Google Search Help

Google Guide


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I'm a dad, husband, IT guy and geek of all trades.

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