Wood Badge I

Up to this point, I haven’t written any posts about Scouting.  Anyone who knows me personally is aware that I am very involved with the Boy Scouts of America.  At this point in time I am an Assistant Scoutmaster for my son’s Troop, Troop 875 in St. Augustine, Fl.

I’ve been involved with Scouts as an adult Scouter for about 7 years at this point and throughout those years I’ve attended more training classes than I can remember.  “Every boy deserves a trained leader” is a phrase that is commonly used among Scouters and it’s one that I just happen to agree with.  I’m now a member of our District Training Team and I mainly teach classes for new Cub Scout leaders.

This coming weekend I’ll be attending the first of two weekends that make up a course called Wood Badge.  This course is designed to be the premier training course for Scout Leaders.  We’ll be camping for a total of 6 days, spread out over two weekends in February and March.  During those 6 days, we will experience the Scouting program as if we were the Scouts utilizing the Patrol Method.  Through this method, we will work together as units of 6-10 people just like our Scouts do.  The course is designed to bring about a greater understanding of the methods that Robert Baden Powell established over 100 years ago.

I’m quite excited about attending this course, I’ve been contemplating attending for several years now.  There’s a total of 5 leaders from the Troop attending and we all hope to come away with a host of new skills that will help us better guide the youth that we serve.

Expect some follow up Wood Badge posts, as well as some more posts about other Scouting subjects in the future.


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I'm a dad, husband, IT guy and geek of all trades.

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  1. That sounds really cool — I have always loved that you and Ian share scouting. And that you both *enjoy* it so much 🙂

    • Thanks Angie. It’s not every dad that get’s to share so much with their 13 year old son, I feel very lucky. Scouting is something that we both believe in and enjoy, expect more posts in the future about it!

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