GeekWord – Jumped the Shark

Jumped the Shark [idiom]

Used to note the point at which something has just been taken too far and entered into absurdity.  Commonly used in reference to a television series or movie franchise.  The idiom originates from the opening episodes of season 5 of Happy Days where Fonzie, on water skis, jumps over a caged shark to prove how tough he is.

An updated version, Nuked the Fridge was spawned out of the 2008 film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in which Indiana Jones survives a nuclear blast by climbing inside of a refrigerator and being launched miles from the blast site.

Heros officially jumped the shark when the band of misfit carnies with super powers showed up.


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  1. This is what will happen when Steve Carell leaves The Office next season…

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