Top Gear US Follow Up

Saturday I posted about the premier of Top Gear US, and I’ve just finished watching it with the family so here’s a quick review/breakdown/whatever.

First impression, I really enjoyed it.  For starters, it’s hard to go wrong with me when you’re making a show about fast cars, the exhaust note of an Italian V-10 engine is like a concerto to me.  Ok, maybe more of a face melting Tom Morello guitar solo, but music none the less.  The show hit all the notes present in the UK version of the show, cars, action, good cinematography and a sense of humor.  The guys seemed to have already begun to develop a good relationship with each other and work well as a presentation team.

Tanner Faust is obviously the driving expert among the group, his racing experience shows through, but he’s also a very well spoken guy and you can tell he loves driving.  Adam Ferrara brings humor to the show, but he’s no less of a car lover.  Rutledge Wood is sort of the odd man out, which isn’t a bad thing at all. As much as I hate to draw direct parallels, he’s kind of the James May of the bunch.

The challenge segment was fun, with Tanner and Rutledge driving a Dodge Viper while being chased by a Cobra Gunship.  Previews of the coming challenges appear to mirror some of those already done on the UK version, but with some definite American twists like using a Ford F150 Raptor instead of a Volkswagen Touareg.

Their version of Star in a Reasonably Priced Car is called Big Star in a Small Car.  The first guest was astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, who at 80 years old still seems tough as nails.  The interview and lap video flowed well.

The Stig’s hot laps were well filmed and exciting to watch.  We’ll have to see if fans go through as much effort to determine his identity as the UK fans do for their Stig.

All in all, it was a great beginning, I had to stretch to find anything to complain about, but I always do so here goes.  The guys need to work on their flow a little, but that comes with time.  The audio seemed a bit too sterile when the presenters were talking, hopefully the sound guys will works some of that out.

I’m really looking forward to more episodes and I hope that you’ll give it a watch sometime, even if you’re not a car geek.


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