Let me in…. again.

Another vampire movie premiers tonight, titled Let Me In. Luckily, the vampires in this flick do not sparkle nor do they have an ongoing feud with the neighborhood werewolves. Let Me In is a story about a bullied preteen boy who seeks the friendship and protection of a girl who has just moved into his apartment building, a girl who is a vampire.

Judging solely by trailers and early reviews, the film looks to be a haunting, creepy as well as beautifully filmed and acted. But it’s been done before, and perfectly done. Let Me In is a remake, and not of a 20 year old classic film nor of a beloved 80’s television show. It’s a remake of a film that just came out in 2008!

Let Me In is an American remake of the Swedish film Let the Right One In. Both films follow the same plot and even appear to be cinematic twins right down to nearly duplicated shots. While the idea of remaking a movie doesn’t bother me, unnecessary remakes bother me a lot. Remakes of older media can be used to bring a story to a new audience when the original may not be relevant any longer or to arguably improve upon the original with modern film making technology. Neither reason applies to this film.

The original is only two years old, so it requires no technical updates. Furthermore, it’s probably one of the best vampire movies ever made! It’s a haunting but touching story and is one of the most well filmed movies I’ve seen in recent memory. Yes, it’s subtitled, but hearing the original actor’s voice is well worth the effort it takes to read the lines, it’s not very dialog heavy anyway. Sweden is a foreign country, but their culture is not that different from our own and this movie translates quite well.

While Let Me In may be a good movie in it’s own right, I’m concerned that it will only serve to diminish the original movie. Why couldn’t the original film be set for a wide release in the US? Surely with a big Hollywood marketing push, a decent number of people would fill the seats. This is simply Hollywood’s attempt to either cash in again or they assume that the average American movie watcher is just too daft to read and watch a movie at the same time.

Now that I’ve ranted a bit, i’ll admit that I probably will watch this movie once it hits DVD, and I wouldn’t discourage anyone from seeing it as it looks like a pretty good movie. I would however, strongly encourage you to seek out and watch the original Swedish film. The effort you put into reading a few lines of dialog will be rewarded with a fantastic film.


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  1. Well you know the first one was SO 2008!

  2. I am a giant wuss so won’t be watching either one of these…

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