What to expect from your family geek.

So here it is, my first official blog post, hopefully with many more to follow.  I’ve been contemplating writing a blog for quite a while now, the hard part was deciding what to write about.  Being a geek at heart, I narrowed the choices down to things that I’m interested in such as comic books, movies, TV, technology, etc.  Initially, I was working under the assumption that the people who would read my posts would be other geeks with similar interests.  I quickly came to the conclusion that the blogosphere didn’t need another detailed critique of the latest issue of X-Men nor an in depth technical review of the newest iPhone incarnation.  So how should I present this thing?

After some thought, I’ve come up with the idea of writing posts about subjects that I love or have a particular knowledge of but write to those who may not!  I’m what you would call “The Family Geek”.  I’m the one that gets the call when someones PC isn’t working, I get invited to help pick out new home electronics and I’m often asked to explain weird and esoteric subjects.  So what I’ve decided to do is to offer myself up as everyone’s family geek!  I hope to shed some light on subjects that most people may not understand as well as they’d like to, didn’t care much about or possibly never knew existed.  And I hope to do it in a way that will open the door into the geek world a bit, entertain you a little and take a little of the mystery out of subjects that may be cloudy to the non-geek.

Here’s a short list of some of the post ideas that I’ve come up with so far:

  • Who are you calling a geek?
  • Which Smart Phone should I buy?
  • Home Computer Security.
  • Online Privacy and Safety.
  • When should I buy a new Personal Computer?
  • What the heck is a Role Playing Game?
  • Comic Books.
  • Why I both love and hate movies.

I hope that you’ll enjoy reading what I have to write.  And if you don’t, I invite you to tell me why not!


About Todd E. Grady

I'm a dad, husband, IT guy and geek of all trades.

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  1. This could be interesting! Now to find the rss feed so I can follow!

  2. I am sure you will discuss this topic at some point, but one thing non-geeks really don’t seem to understand is cosplay.

    Oh, and maybe once in a while share/define some geek-lingo. 🙂

  3. Nice!! Your blog looks great and I love the first entry. I am a little jealous though…you’re MY family geek and I don’t know if I’m willing to share you with the world!! But alas, the world will love you and you geeky smarts 🙂 Who could keep such wonderfulness under wraps, anyway?? Congrats, lovey!!

  4. Oh, and thanks for the add on the blogroll — I’ll add you too!

  5. Hi there. Your awesome sister-in-law told me about your new blog, so I thought I’d pop by for a visit. I’m my family’s family geek (and my employer’s “friendly” geek) because I actually know something about computers, building websites, and social media — and I love to learn from other geeks. I’m also a big fan of role-play games and LARPing.

    One thing that might be fun to explain to the non-geek populace is the phenomenon of the “con.” I love the stares and strange expressions that people get on their faces when the sci-fi con or the RPG con or the anime con is in town and they see the cosplayers and LARPers …

    • I’ve never been much of a LARPer, but I’ve been playing RPGs since I was 12. I also spend a fair amount of time at cons and plan in discussing them as well. I get looks at work explaining the I spent my vacation in a Battlestar Galactica costume with 30,000 other geeks.

  6. John Bailey

    Yay!!! Nice one, brotha!! Will you be linking this with facebook as well??

  7. John Bailey

    Yay!! Nice one, brotha!! Will you be linking this to facebook as well??

  8. Love the new blog, and of course, Todd we love you (and you are also our inherited family geek!)

  9. Great concept, Mr. Grady. Looking forward to future post.

  10. Renee Smith

    I look forward to reading this!


  11. What can you tell me about Volkswagens? Heeheeeheee.

  12. You know about Beetles? I mean the cars, not the tall guys.

  13. Thank you so much for being our family geek!

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