It’s been a while…

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything. I’d like to say that I’ve been too busy but the reality is that I just haven’t been very motivated to write. I have a few things to talk about and will be posting some thoughts in the near future.

I can’t promise that I’ll be posting on a regular basis, but I’ll certainly be trying.

Ditching Evernote for Google Keep

I’ve found a replacement for Evernote with the newly introduced Google Keep. Evernote has been great, but like so many good application it’s become bloated from feature creep.

Here’s what I need in a notes app.

  • Text Notes
  • Checklists
  • Snapshots (Photos of labels, serial numbers, parts, etc.)
  • Basic tagging or category organization
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop or Browser App
  • Cloud sync

Evernote definitely ticks all of the boxes and a lot more, but I don’t need fonts, highlighters. I don’t need to organize notes with categories AND tags and I don’t need to share notes or collaborate on them. Evernote’s desktop client feels more like a nicely de-bloated version of Microsoft Word.

Google Keep has the features I need and that’s about it! I likeĀ elegantĀ  simple applications and Google’s managed to do it with Keep. Sure, there’s room for improvement but it’s pretty good as it is.

My only real concern is that Google has dropped other services that I enjoyed, most notably their recent decision to scrap Google Reader. If they do eventually drop Keep, it should be easy to find another service, even if it means going back to Evernote and the bloat that comes with it.


2013 Tech Goals

When you work in a technical field like I do, it’s easy to lose sight of why you got into it in the first place, because you love technology! It’s been a while since I explored technology purely for my amusement and enjoyment. I’m going to try to change that this year, here’s a few of my Technology Goals for 2013.

  • Learn to Code.
  • Do some hardware hacking.
    • Build at least one project using an Arduino starter kit.
    • Pick up a Raspberry Pi to play with.
  • Personal Computer projects.
    • Build a home NAS using PC hardware that I have lying around.
    • Build a Media Center PC with some more hardware that I have lying around.
    • Get rid of the rest of the crap hardware that I have lying around.

My day job doesn’t give me much room to play around with tech as much as I’d like. If I can accomplish a few of the above goals in my personal time, maybe I’ll find a new spark of geek creativity to follow for a while.

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